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The campaign finance database contains detailed financial records that campaigns and committees are required by law to disclose. Through this database, you can view contribution and expense records from candidate, PAC, regular party, legislative caucus, and exploratory committees. You can select specific reports based on the candidate, office, party, caucus, or PAC name or keyword. You can also search across one or more finance reports according to specific criteria that you choose. You can review the results on screen, print them, or extract the information for further analysis.

About Campaign Finance Reporting
Choose this option to learn more about campaign finance reporting and campaign finance limitations.
  • Who must file reports?
  • What must be disclosed?
  • What types of reports are filed?
  • Are there any limits for state candidates?
About the Campaign Finance Database
Learn more about the Campaign Finance Database by clicking on the link above. This section will answer the following common questions:
  • What is the quality of the data?
  • What does the database contain?
  • Whose records are included?
  • When are the records available?
  • How do I use the database?
Candidates & Committees
Candidates and Committees who are filing reports with the Indiana Election Division are encouraged to read an important message by clicking on the above link.

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